About us

Mega Volt Engineering founded in 2018 by a young team, who won the second prize in ezy contest from Khartoum University, and participated in the Entrepreneurship Project Competition (Mashrouy) where it reached the stage of TOP 24. The company has 3 patents and participated in a competition held by Senegal where achieved third place.

Our vision

To become a leading company in the invention and development of electrical systems, solar systems, control, safety and software development with a vision to be internationally renowned

Our Mission

Contribute effectively to facilitate lives of people and provide luxury by inventing electrical and software systems while keeping pace with technology and modern development with high quality and acceptable price

Margani Jamal Aldin Nafi

General manager of MegaVolte
Email: GM@megavolte.com

Mohammed Faisal Ibrahim

Electronic Department Manager
Email: EDM@megavolte.com

Eyad Younis Omer

MCM-FD Systems Department Manager
Email: MCM-FD@megavolte.com

Reham Lotfi Mohamed

Software Department Manager
Email: SW@megavolte.com

Zeinab Abdelmonem mustafa

Software Developer
Email: odoo@megavolte.com

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